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Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing and SEO

Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing
the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a
website on a search engine. A ‘Google’ search is a common term in the modern
world and involves a user using the search engine Google to look for something
they want. However, the user will most often be shown multiple results for what
they are looking for and the first search result is the result that captures
the user’s attention. Furthermore, because of search result entry limits to a
screen, most search results will not even appear to the user. When something
like this occurs when marketing a product or a service, the search result that
does not get shown to the user or is not first in the list of search results are
at a disadvantage.

Search engines
work by using an algorithm to systematically look for particular information
given to them in a text search query. Thus, more commonly used keywords will
stand out to a search engine looking for a website. Using SEO, a website
can tailor itself to be more visible in a search engine environment by for
example, including stronger keywords that users might use, in its URL or its
contents. While there are other ways to create the same effect as SEO by paying
for advertisements, SEO is an organic way of creating website traffic that can
be done without paying.

When a website uses an experienced digital marketing agency to perform SEO, it is changing the weighting of the website as a search result in a search engine. This makes it more likely to be selected as a search result, and more likely to be featured near the top of the list of search results. To do this, the website could include specific content or text so that the search engine will match a higher number of keywords with the website.

SEO can not only create quantity based traffic, but it can also create quality based traffic. Using specific keywords, SEO can allow a website to be more visible to certain demographics. For example, if a website would want to be visible to technicians and engineers, they would optimise their website to have more technical jargon and keywords to attract the more technically able customer-base. And conversely, to attract less technologically literate customers, more common technology-based keywords could be used so that the search engine will match customers with the website.

Search engine
optimisation is a way for websites to bring more targeted traffic to their
website without spending additional resources for advertisements. The quality
aspect of traffic ensures that the money spent on the website only attracts
customers the website wants, therefore making the website more efficient,
creating value through SEO. SEO is a method of creating value without spending
large amounts of time or resources. Just by tailoring a website to include keywords,
a website can increase the quality and quantity of its traffic.

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