Data Storage and Backup

Is your current storage infrastructure not capable of scaling with your organisational growth?

Are you running out of space or concerned about losing data?

Whatever the issue, Introtech has a solution to your problems.

We provide cloud and local data backups to protect your critical business data. Our solutions include adding external or internal hard disks to your servers, configuring network drives, configuring network attached storage, we have expertise in configuring storage area networks (SANs). If you prefer cloud, we provide setup and support in major cloud services e.g. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Dropbox.

We foresee your business growth and setup simple, durable and highly scalable mechanism for data storage and backup according to your usage and requirements.

To ensure security for your backup and data, we restrict access to specific people . Depending on your requirements we can provide access to back up data from remote locations. Introtech will ensure your data is stored in a safe but accessible location giving you peace of mind.

our services Include

Offline Data Storage

Offline Data Backup

Storage Security

Installing Storage Area Networks

Installing Network Attached Storage

Configuring Online Drives