IT Audit

Managing a business is a difficult task, and while computers and software are meant to make this easier mostly, that is not the case.

IT auditing is a must for organisations today to keep track of your hardware and software as well as to gauge performance and areas of improvement.

Incorrectly managed systems can sometimes be more costly than not having an IT system in your company. IT systems need to be working coherently, self-managing and keeping up with the evolving needs of the business. At Introtech, we ensure your IT systems are functioning properly thereby increasing productivity. This allows you to focus on important business tasks.

Are you looking to safeguard your IT assets and maintain data integrity for your organisation?

We thoroughly research the obtained statistics to identify any possible issues. We gather insights which bring out the potential risks.

We follow the eight-step IT audit principle and work with you to draft realistic timelines. We perform web presence audits and enterprise communications audits.

Our experienced consultants and technicians will assist you in resolving and optimising your existing IT systems. We do things in the best possible way to provide excellent service which provides value for money and a sense of relief. Our audits are followed by a detailed report on your IT infrastructure including but not limited to networking and IT equipment.

If requested, we can audit your security processes and infrastructure by performing penetration testing to ensure you can rest easy knowing your confidential and critical data is safe from prying eyes. Our service will provide you with thorough research and well-structured report. We follow careful procedures and cross-checking, which leaves no room for error.

Our IT auditing services include

Basic IT Auditing

Enterprise Auditing

Innovation comparison audit

Security audit

Technological position audit

Reporting and documenting

Eight step audit principle implementation

Technology innovation process audit