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Network and Server Monitoring

You don’t have to worry about your server and network health.

We have the solution for your network and server monitoring and management.

We monitor your network and server health and give you the easy to follow report you require about usage, speed, and performance. Whenever there is a need for a new application, virtualised or physical, we can manage it.

Introtech is an expert at providing network and server maintenance, we monitor the operating systems, web servers, application servers, and database servers. We use most advanced tools to monitor and manage.

We setup tools with a web interface, helping our clients to check network health from remote locations, they can create reports on trends, alerts, availability, and notifications, these tools are capable of monitoring network failure rate and redundancies.

Training is provided regarding the usage of network and server monitoring tools.

Our Services include

  • Network monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Database server monitoring
  • Cloud-based monitoring
  • Automate incident management
  • Application monitoring for DevOps
  • Website performance
  • Real-time application management
  • IT infrastructure monitoring and alerting

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