Office Setup

Moving into a new office is always exciting and offers great opportunities but can also be a nightmare for your staff.

You need to ensure all IT services are available from Day 1. Take away the additional stress by allowing Introtech to help you move your IT infrastructure into your new office. Relocating to a fresh new place can be a breeze with the right IT support.

We can deliver the necessary services that you need within your budget. We will coordinate, organise and setup your IT infrastructure in parallel ensuring your servers, network, hardware, computers, laptops. printers, cameras work when you want. All plans will be discussed and reviewed with all the stakeholders to make it convenient for all.

Our Office Setup 2 package includes configuring your new office IT services to ensure your Operating Systems, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols (DHCP), Backups, Domain Name Servers (DNS), File Servers, IP Phones, Active Directory, and other critical IT services are working.

A critical aspect in today’s workplace, we can set up an employee attendance management system to track the attendance of employees. This helps you by remaining compliant with the laws.

our services Include

Installing operating systems and software

Software and hardware repairs and upgrade

Server installation from scratch

Phone setup

Printer, scan and fax services

Network design

Server roles and features installation

Supply chain management