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Computer Upgrades

Like most things, computers can break down and can be hard to fix.

Servicing and diagnosing computer issues can be a time consuming and difficult task. At Introtech, we help our clients by keeping their computers up-to-date with new technologies and provide numerous software and hardware upgrade options e.g. operating systems, antivirus, RAM, hard drives – SSDs, routers, switches and modems.

We help you in upgrading RAM and hard drives, we can upgrade your hard disks to solid state drives for a massive performance boost. We leave no room for errors and bugs which can hinder your important work and ensure thorough testing your systems for high performance.

Let our tech experts assist you in computer upgrades. No more slow PCs as we can increase performance greatly with a low-cost upgrade.

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Our services include

  • Operating systems
  • Renewing licenses
  • Hardware replacement
  • Hardware Upgrade
  • Software upgrade
  • Drivers upgrade
  • Devices like RAM and hard drive upgrade
  • Internet Modem upgrade

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