Data Recovery

Introtech has been providing Data Recovery from over a decade in Melbourne. We have been training clients to protect their data in the best possible way. We understand the importance of information and pain for its loss. There is nothing worse than losing important files, documents or photos you love. We sincerely hope you never find yourself in such a situation, but if you do, rest assured, we’re here to help!

We support you with industry-leading technology and tools to help you in recovering lost data. In addition to data recovery, we are highly skilled in the set up of various online drives like Google, Microsoft One drive, Amazon Cloud Storage or Dropbox to ensure data safety, flexiblility  and availability of your files. Introtech Data Recovery team can assist you in installing security services for your backup and data to restrict access to people who are not permitted to access it.

We can integrate various devices and provide access for backed up data from remote locations onto your personal computers, tablets or mobiles, you can even edit from these devices. Our employees are certified on multivendor platforms like Microsoft and Amazon web services. We provide rich backup solutions on spot in affordable price, easy migration to a network drive, online drive or cloud. 

Introtech will ensure that your data is stored in a safe accessible location giving you peace of mind.

Introtech provides Data Recovery services at affordable prices.

All Data Recovery jobs are treated as high priority.

our services Include

Offline Data storage

Online Data storage

Offline Data backup

Online Data backup

Configuring Online Drives

Storage security

Installing network attached storage

Installing storage area networks