Printer Setup

Not sure how to get your brand-new printer connected?

Give us a call and we can do the rest.

As technology evolves so does computing devices. At Introtech we deal with Inkjet, Laser, POS and 3-D printers. We can source the hard to find drivers for your computers for communication with your printer.

We can establish priority printing setting on your device, with this setting you can get home printer as the first option when you are connected to home network and when you are at the office you can see office printer as the first option. 

We are experts at configuring printers to servers, installing and maintaining printer spooling properties, connecting to printers using the IP address, establishing papercut services, enabling branch office direct printing, creating printer pool, deploying printer via Group policy preferences.

We can set up and connect all kinds of printers for your computer and devices so that it’s as easy as point and click to print what you want.

our services Include

Printer pooling and spooling

Solutions for hardware issues

Branch office direct printing

Connecting your home computers to the same printer (Wireless)

Home and Office priority settings

Papercut (print and copy management) software

Installing and troubleshooting printers, scanners, photocopiers, and fax machines