Software Installation

Introtech offers highly flexible software installation services and support by experts. Whatever you may be working on you always need the right software to get the job done. Some software applications are easy to install while others can be complicated to set up.

Introtech can help you in deploying various software that are required to perform your work effectively.

We sometimes depend on technology and we need experts to teach us the way to full benefits of the application. We will train you to use various services like software and hardware installation, file and folder sharing, network and security support and other services you may require.

Let us help you install and keep up to date your software and operating system. Save time and hassle by letting us take the mystery out of software installation.

our services Include

Software installation

Software upgrade

Drivers upgrade

Applications installation

Printer, scanner, fax software installation

OS installation (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Antivirus and firewalls setup

Network certificate installation

OS Upgrade